Srirangam Temple had Chola's Donation

Chola's donation for srirangam-Old PhotoThe raise of Chola's in the tenth century writings come into view, some of them dated. The most ancient accept the date of the 17th year of the reign of Prantaka Ist (about 907 -953) and tells of the gift to the Srirangam temple of a silver lampstand and fifty one gold pieces for the srirangam temple permanent maintenance, to include the purchase of camphor  and cotton wick. The following year Prantaka Ist made a further donation to the temple providing for the recital of sacred texts for three nights. so that period srirangam temple had chola's donation.

Among Other gifts received from this empire family should be mentioned that suspected to have been made by Rjamahendra Chola(1060-1063), one of the sons of Rajendra II, whom is credited  to the construction of the first enclosure, which accept his name (Rajamahendarn thiruvadi). [ edit ] 


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